Sometimes the questions are complicated
and the answers are simple.

- Dr. Seuss

A Global Problem

Complicated supply chains and products with frequent-flyer-worthy mileage
Appalling conditions in third-world countries subject workers to unsafe and unsanitary workspaces
Inefficient and wasteful production practices
Oversight due to too many degrees of separation
Poorly made goods

These are just a few of the consequences of the globalized product.

The Local Solution

MadeClose is a celebration of American companies producing within the United States.
This is a different kind of e-commerce. We're utilizing the convenience and connectivity of the web
to bring you a transparent shopping experience.

We share the MadeClose Story on each brand page to provide you with insight into how that company is producing. Here are some of the admirable production attributes we’ve found in many of our brands.

Companies making in America often:

Circulate nearly 50% of their revenue back to their local economy
Create local jobs and provide healthy working environments
Source more of their materials and ingredients locally
Use sustainable resources and upcycled or recyclable materials when possible
Work to reduce waste by utilizing more efficient methods of production 
Donate to nonprofits and collaborate with fellow local makers

Join us in supporting local producers as they lead the re-shoring movement.

Goods MadeClose

USDA Organic
Free Range
Cruelty Free
GMO Free
Made to Order

We believe products are more than mere objects. It is our humble opinion that if it’s going into your home, into your mouth, onto your back or otherwise into your life, you should know where and who it comes from.
And you should be proud of your purchase.

The MadeClose Shop is our opportunity to introduce you to American made goods that set and exceed our standards of creativity, craftsmanship and overall sustainability. These are labors of love. Each and every product features our MadeClose review revealing its unique attributes and production history.

When you buy from a company on MadeClose, you’re supporting your country, your state, and your city.

The Makers Behind Your Goods

The small businesses and independent makers on MadeClose bring passion back into our daily lives.

These innovators create with their hands, and they care about the footprints we leave behind. 
They think outside the box. They draw outside the lines to create a new picture. These entrepreneurs are reinventing traditional methods of production and manufacturing through the lens of sustainability. 
They know that quality is more important than quantity or uniformity and they’re creating goods for
a new generation of consumer: the mindful shopper.

Our brand pages give you a glimpse into the makers behind your products, the kids with a big dream.

MadeClose puts local commerce at your fingertips.
Even from across the country, great products are just a click away.

- Peter Smith, Co-founder and COO

Shop by Community

It’s happening here. The brands and makers on MadeClose are bringing production back to American soil. We want to build a bridge between you, the conscious consumer, and the growing number of independent brands bringing new life to local economies.

When it comes to production, setting does matter. The small businesses that call a community home reflect the essence of that locale, like artisanal brands cooking in Brooklyn’s food incubators, fashion designers producing in Manhattan’s Garment District or woodworkers creating heirloom toys in Vermont. They help shape the character of the neighborhood, city or region where they were born and raised.
We’ve created community guides to introduce you to the local making scene.

Find independent brands making near you, plus brick and mortar locations where you can taste, tour or shop.