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MadeClose Gifting

Gift giving matters-for client relations, networking and employee or guest appreciation. But often, products are underwhelming, the process is annoying and the customer service is subpar at best. This results in giving gifts that are uninspired and uninspiring-a missed opportunity to show someone gratitude.

Our Process

Choosing the right gift for your event, client or employee can be difficult. MadeClose is here to help. Our team helps define your gifting objectives based on occasion, budget and business goals-so that your money is well spent. Our curation department delivers a custom gift guide by tapping into our vast network of makers and merchants. Then you choose the final, perfect gift.

Our Products

MadeClose is disrupting the stale professional gifting market by curating high quality, locally made products for conferences, events, weddings and holidays. By connecting our merchants to this market, we are helping local businesses thrive while bringing unique gifting experiences to our clients. We've compiled the biggest database of American made companies, and have the ability to source products according to our clients' specific needs—be it location, price point, theme or even material. We encourage our clients to think outside the box and to focus on local because we've spent a lot of time creating a marketplace for those ideas.