iBlock Cutting Board

New York
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This end-grain block utilizes a brickwork pattern inspired by the brick buildings and brownstones of Brooklyn. The brickwork pattern offers an inherently stronger joint than your typical checkerboard pattern, not to mention that it's stunning. The wood used was grown in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio. It arrives rough cut at the Brooklyn Butcher Blocks shop where they mill it themselves. The waterproof, FDA-approved, food-safe glue used is manufactured in Ohio and the mineral oil used to treat each board is from Texas. Any scrap wood is leached and composted at Build It Green's BIGNYC composting project in Queens.

  • Wood from New York
  • Wood from Pennsylvania
  • Wood from Ohio
  • Glue from Ohio
  • Mineral oil from Texas
Made to order

Traditional craftsmanship meets modern tech in this tablet-supporting cutting board. Genius! An end-grain board is better for your knives and more sanitary than edge-grain or plastic boards. The wood fibers on an end-grain board are facing upwards so when you cut down onto the board, you’re actually cutting in between the wood fibers as opposed to cutting through the fibers, making a permanent cut into the wood, as with an edge-grain board. Available in long grain, end grain and brickwork patterns. An added feature is this board is reversible. The raised back serves as a stop to keep the cutting board flush against the edge of a counter when cutting.

Dimensions: 12 in x 18 in x 1.5 in (edge grain) x 2 in (end grain)

Care: Coat with mineral oil once every couple weeks, or as often as needed. For a more resilient finish, apply beeswax/mineral oil mix with a soft cloth. Wipe off excess.

Sanitizing: Dampen a wiping rag with 1:1 ratio of water and white vinegar. Dry immediately with a clean rag. Use of bleach is not recommended.

Washing: Wash with a sponge or rag, dish soap and warm water.

Avoid using serrated edges. When cleaning avoid the dishwasher, scrubby pads and steel brushes.

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Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

Est. 2010
Proudly producing in: New York, NY
Percentage of goods made in the US: 100%

All Brooklyn Butcher Blocks are handcrafted from wood sourced domestically, primarily from Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio. Nils merges function with art to create sturdy, durable butcher blocks that are multi-functional and beautiful enough to adorn any kitchen or dining space.
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